Affiliate Information

When you become a Sales Affiliate, you'll join one of the easiest and highest paying affiliate programs on the web. If you have a Web site (or even an e-mail account) you can sign up and start generating sales commissions almost immediately.

  • Sell over 1,200 of the most popular magazine subscription titles.
  • Earn a 20% commission for subscriptions which are purchased from affiliate links to
  • Get 60 return days for each customer, which means if a buying customer returns within 60 days to make another purchase then you will receive the commission.
  • Receive monthly payments directly through Paypal. NOTE: you must have a valid Paypal account to receive payments. has built our own in house tracking system for affiliate orders, and we provide the ability to generate reports. Some example reports include:

  • number of orders placed
  • number of products purchased
  • list of products purchased
  • total sales achieved
  • total commissions earned

To begin earning money as an affiliate sign up now.